5 Immune Boosting Tips That Work…

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I’m not bragging AT ALL! OK? But we deal with very little sickness in our house. And today I want to share a few tips with you that may help if you are struggling in this area.

I will simply share what works well for our family. As a disclaimer up front though, I’m definitely not a doctor and I don’t profess anything of the sort. But I’m a mom of six who has spent countless hours of studying and reading about natural health and wellness. Oh, and have experienced a bit of trial and error over the years!

Do my kids ever get sick? Of course! But I treat them quickly and effectively with home remedies. Here are a few of my best tips to keep your family on the road to good health.

1 ~ Preventive maintenance…

I cannot keep them quarantined all year nor do I want to, but if I know that there are viruses abounding at a certain place or time, I will do my best to keep some distance. I don’t take my babies shopping very often at all, especially during flu season. Grocery stores can be some really nasty places, plus mom needs a kid-free outing every now and then. Germs are everywhere and cannot be prevented unless you want to be a hermit… and I don’t. But some common sense prevention can spare a multitude of struggles! We home-school so that helps with those daily exposures. And of course, washing hands and general hygiene are important. With six young kids there is always a level of grossness involved!

2 ~ Plenty of rest…

I cannot stress this enough! Getting enough sleep is a HUGE factor in prevention. That extra nap and/or earlier bedtime are proven to boost the immune system and support the fighters in our bodies, which are created uniquely to protect themselves. I’m very passionate about this as I have experienced first hand the adverse effects that lack of sleep brings.

3 ~ Give them outdoor time as much as possible…

Natural vitamin D is amazing and so important for all of us! Too many of us Americans are vitamin D deficient and dealing with issues related to that. So if the sun is shining, let them play outdoors!

Ingesting foods that are high in Vitamin D are also important. Salmon, Cod liver oil, canned tuna, shrimp, egg yokes, and mushrooms. You can also supplement with a good multivitamin or straight Vitamin D.

4 ~ Immune boosting tincture…

For 12 years, I have been making an immune boosting tincture that I keep in stock all winter long. I created a FREE download with my directions on how to make your own. This tincture is loaded with immune-boosting organic herbs and it’s a simple process to make your own. Get your copy of the directions here!


5 ~ A great kids multivitamin that is super clean with probiotics added…

The one we use is delicious, chew-able, and has no sugar added! With 13 essential vitamins in bio-available forms that help little tummies to absorb them, this one packs a punch! It’s a 2-in-1 supplement that also features powerful probiotics designed especially for kids. And they are delicious! You can find more info here on the X-Factor Kids multi-vitamin.

Those are just 5 of my tips, feel free to drop yours in the comments! I’m always learning…

Till next time…..

~ Tancy


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