I’m a little awkward with introductions, so I genuinely hope this isn’t too painful. Maybe I just haven’t been taught how to do them properly but I’m always learning and I’m going to give it a whirl!  I promise that I’ll get some good pics of myself and my family someday, so that you can see all of our beautiful faces.

My name is Tancy. I married my soulmate Joe, 16 years ago and we are still constantly working to keep the flame alive and well. Our love has resulted in 6 beautiful kiddos, and an angel baby. I’m a stay-at-home mom and I love all things to do with motherhood and kids! Cooking, baking, canning, and country living has all been part of my life. I homeschool, homebirth, and I’m constantly learning. Financial freedom, intentional living, happy marriage, and health are a few more of my passions. I don’t like molds and rules, so you may find me unconventional in many areas. But I’m learning that God made me unique and gave me gifts and a story that is mine and I’m just here to share it. Join in if you dare to! 😉