This past Sunday was Mother’s Day and it’s always a special time of feeling the JOY of motherhood. Of reflection and reminiscing of our journey as a mother! We also remember our own mothers and the memories that flood in whether they are still with us or not. It’s a time of missing the ones who have gone on, cherishing those still here and feeling the distance if we don’t live near them. Joe’s mom passed away before we got married and I never even had the opportunity to meet her. My mom lives 1,000 milesaway. But thanks to video chat, we got to see her for just a bit!

But… I also know how very easy it is to slip into comparison and feeling inadequate! You see all the pics of moms and their kids so nicely dressed and every hair in place. You see the props and glamour. You see the smiles and fancy, but what you don’t see is the struggle to get that. Or the kid that may be hurting because mom was more concerned about appearance than she was about hearing the deep need that he/she was dealing with. And even if all is well and their lives are bliss, we cannot spend our precious energy living a life of comparing and wishing. Our kids need us present and tuned in. That energy should be saved for them, not wasted on something we simply have no power over.

Social media easily becomes an escape for us, a way to disconnect and zone out. But it usually leaves us empty or worse yet, feeling like we’re not good enough! Always remember, it’s just the highlight reel. There are many bloopers in ALL of our lives and it’s OK to not air all our dirty laundry online but it’s also OK to be real!

So let’s take action today, let’s be present. Save that energy for the appropriate things. Look into the eyes of your kids. See their needs and laugh at their silly things! If or when we are on social media, be present there also. Lift someone up, speak life. Don’t just stalk and observe.

Blessings to you,