Bed-wetting is a frustrating problem! It’s frustrating for both the kid and the parent.

Growing up as a bed-wetter myself, I clearly remember the shame associated with that devastating moment of waking up in the morning to find your sheets and clothes, soaked and smelly. For the sake of the children everywhere, PLEASE, please, PLEASE never shame a child who wets the bed. Most kids never do it on purpose and feel just as bad as you, the parent, does. There are so many factors that come into play with bed-wetting. There are emotional weaknesses, physical issues, health issues, psychological disorders, and food related/health issues, but I am not going to cover all of that today. Nor am I giving you any advice, medical or otherwise.  I’m simply sharing our story with you..

When it came time to potty train my first child, I was worried that they would struggle in this area because I did. My first 2 trained at night at the same time as daytime. My 3rd, took just a bit longer so we used pull-ups at night for a short time and he soon outgrew it. I breathed a sigh of huge relief that my children didn’t have to face this hurdle!

Then came #4. She was a timid, sensitive child but she potty trained easily for the daytime but 2 years later and she was still wetting the bed at night frequently. We tried all kinds of things to help her… limit evening drinks, woke her during the night, worked on any emotional things that might be affecting her.

Then I remembered a tool that my mom had used with some of my younger siblings that had worked really well. It was a pad with an attached alarm designed to wake the kid at the first drop of wetness! Soooo… off to Amazon I went to see what I could find! Sure enough, there was still something like that available! It’s called the Wet-Stop system.

It’s a bit different than what my mom used but it worked. Within one week, it was over!!! She was so thrilled and so was I. We had one small relapse and just hooked it up again for a couple nights. It’s a super small investment for a secure and happy child.

The system is so basic and simple…

  • SOUNDING AND VIBRATING ALARM- Variable Alarms so your child doesn’t get used to a particular alarm sound. Loudest possible alarm while still safe (OSHA). Strong Vibrating Alarm can be used with or without audible alarms. The alarm wakens and motivates your child to go to the bathroom to finish urinating.
  • WEARABLE SENSOR- Wearable unit is small and easy-to-use. Small sensor is clipped to underwear while the clip is attached to pajama top. No dangerous pins, cumbersome tape, or time consuming sewing required.
  • WATERPROOF BEDDING: Mattress pad is waterproof and hypoallergenic, is comfortable to sleep on, and is machine washable.

Let me know if you have ever tried this or any other tool you have found! And I hope your results will be as fantastic as ours have been.

~ Tancy