I’m going to tell you about a fun and easy way that I made several hundred dollars since the beginning of the year. A friend on Facebook was posting about this app that you could make money from by referrals and money-back. I was skeptical, of course. But decided to try it out and I’m super impressed by the fact that I didn’t have to scan receipts anything of the sort.  DOSH a cash saving app but unlike some of the others, there is no scanning receipts or anything, you simply register your cards with the app and when you use those cards at the places or online stores, it automatically gives you cash back. I use mine mostly at Sam’s club currently. Both for gas and in store. You have to make sure you use your card as a credit card though if you are using a bank card. There is a lot of info on the app also, click into the support and help page and check out the FAQ.

Also you can earn through referrals and they periodically do promotion bonuses.

Here are the quick and easy steps to get started and make some money right away:
• download the dosh app to your tablet or phone. 🤳🏻
• link a card to receive your first $5! 💰
• share your link and get $5 per referral. 😍

This is such fun and easy money!!