There are many places to buy herbs and teas online but The Bulk Herb Store is my very favorite and has been for many years.
Here are the reasons why…

1.) They have super fast shipping and excellent customer service. In the many, many orders that I have made, I’ve never waited more than a few days on my order to arrive, even during busy sales. And they have never messed up my order.

2.) The packaging for both the shipping and the herbs is impressive and professional.

3.)  The quality is superior. You can easily see that they take great pains to be sure to deliver the best quality herbs. Even the smell is fresh.

4.) They run top-notch sales. During Black Friday/Cyber Monday and other holidays throughout the year, they have big sales and I always stock up on my favorite items.

I’ve been buying from them for well over 10 years and making my tincture that I mention in my post about Immune Boosting. At one point, I bought all the herbs separately and made my own blend but found that it’s much easier to buy the tea mix and use it like that. We love the Double E Immune Boosting tea, as a tea as well.