It’s been several years now that I’ve started spending some time in the month of December praying about a word for the upcoming year. I wait for God to impress a word on my heart rather than choosing one. It’s been so amazing to look back over the year and see the ways that God brought about fruit surrounding that word. These are the words from the last 2 years.
2017 – BIGGER (as in opening up), accompanying verse was 1 Chronicles 4:10, “enlarge my borders”
2018 – HOPE, Jeremiah 29:11 “to give you hope and a future”

As I reflected over this past year, I am having a hard time putting into words what I feel in my heart. These past 2 years have been monumental both for me personally, and for our marriage and family.

When I posted this on Facebook a year ago, God had me squarely in a season of leaning into some deep uprooting and pulling off some band-aids that had been scabbed on my heart for too long. He was healing and walking me gently through those dark places. He was teaching me that He’s a very safe place. He gave me a deeply profound and life-changing experience with His grace. He’s a good, good Father! It’s been a messy journey and it’s ongoing. But as I’ve received and opened up, and pressed in, HOPE has been driving my roots deeper and deeper into the Father’s love! When I made that FB post, I had no idea what it would look like but my expectancy was so high! The unfolding of it has been a beautiful thing and I look forward to many more years of experiencing God’s work!

We were on our Christmas vacation when God gave me my word for 2019! The word is EXPANSION… I argued with God a little bit, because I had another word in mind. (I know, I know… that’s really not a good idea, but I’ve learned that He can handle even my stubbornness, and I’m not “too much” for Him) I don’t like being disappointed and that a really big word. But He challenged me on my faith and “how big do you really think I am?” He also reminded me that He’s hearing the prayers I’ve been praying and He’s got big plans. I still don’t know what that looks like… but here we are and it’s January 1, 2019!

So what is your “word of the year” for 2019? I would love to hear from you!

~ Blessings,